Welcome. This is my personal site, in which you will find various things about me and my interests. In 2012 I completed my PhD thesis in Philosophy at The University of Melbourne. The Informational Turn is a blog that I run to cover some of my academic work and ideas. I am presently a research fellow in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne. If you notice any problems with the site or have any suggestions please do get in contact.


Wikipedia Articles of Interest

Two Generals' Problem

In computing, the Two Generals' Problem is a thought experiment meant to illustrate the pitfalls and design challenges of attempting to coordinate an action by communicating over an unreliable link. It is related to the more general Byzantine Generals' Problem (though published long before that later generalization) and appears often in introductory classes about computer networking (particularly with regard to the Transmission Control Protocol), though it can also apply to other types of communication. It is also an important concept in epistemic logic, and the importance of common knowledge. Some authors refer to this as the Two Armies Problem or the Coordinated Attack Problem.... more

Vacuous Truth

A vacuous truth is a truth that is devoid of content because it asserts something about all members of a class that is empty or because it says "If A then B" when in fact A is false. For example, the statement "all cell phones in the room are turned off" may be true simply because there are no cell phones in the room.... more

Giovanni Bottesini

Giovanni Bottesini (December 22, 1821 - July 7, 1889) was an Italian Romantic composer, conductor, and a double bass virtuoso.... more

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"Science is what you know, philosophy is what you don't know"
- Bertrand Russell

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